SEDIV Officials and Road Racing Administrators 

Welcome to the Southeast Division of the Sports Car Club of America. If you are interested in automobile competition, you have found the best there is, SEDIv SCCA. The SEDiv SCCA is SCCA’ s most active competition Division. We are one of the few places in the country that has competition year round. And we have competition series that will suit all your financial and skill levels. Below is the list of the Chief Mechanics who make SCCA competition fun and exciting!! #funwithcars

SEDIV SCCA Board of Director Members

Lee Hill  Chairman of the Board  Area

Steve Strickland Area
SEDIV SCCA Executive Steward

SEDIV SCCA Deputy Executive Stewards AREA 3

Leland Miller -Steward Recruitment Development &

Herbert Shipp –Assignments & Supps

SEDIV SCCA Deputy Executive Stewards AREA 12

Richard Mitchell -Steward Recruitment Development & Training

Robert Mayes -Assignments &

SEDIV SCCA Officials

Jan Coleman Mitchell 

Kay Roberts

Mark Pilson -Solo Development Coordinator 

Dave Steger -Solo Safety Steward 

Leon Drake -Rallycross Steward

Bob Ricker -Road Rally Steward

Steve Gauding -Saftey Administrator

SEDIV SCCA Road Racing Officials

Sharon Rollow -Scheduling 

Jim Creighton -SARRC Adminstrator

Jim Creighton -SECS Pointskeeper

Tom Lyttle -SARRC Pointskeeper

Carol Cone -ECR Adminstrator

SEDIV SCCA Road Racing Administrators

Lori Vitagliano -Registrar AREA 3

Betsy Speed -Registrar AREA 12

Don Drennon -Flagging and Com.  AREA 12

Joyce Bakels -Flagging and Com.  AREA 3

Fred Clark -Scrutineer AREA 3 -904-731-7597 (until 8 P.M.)

Toni Creighton -License DA -Scrutineer AREA 12
404-875-4174  404-625-3386

Mike Finn -Race Admin

Larry Buell -Sound Control

Larry Kurkowski -Starter
Scott Lucas – Pit & Grid AREA 3

Peter Horansky-Pit & Grid AREA 12

Anna Crissman -Timing and Scoring AREA 12

David Williams -Timing and Scoring AREA 3
Mike Havlick -Driver Schools AREA 12

Andy Fox -Driver Schools AREA 3